Hello, 27

So many post in one day! The other ones were drafts. This is the only one I started today.

My magic gluten-free miracle cure apparently takes more than three weeks to work. I got slammed with three different mini-sicknesses (granted, one was a canker sore, but holy COW  this was a bad one) in one week, and on my birthday, no less.

I turned 27, which signals the beginning of the end. Did you know that? Women’s bodies peak in beauty and fitness at the tender age of 26. I heralded the occasion with my special sick-in-bed hair, red nose, and saggy sweatpants. I will not let that knowledge defeat me of course, but it is too bad that I only found that out when I had three days of being 26 left. I would have appreciated being that age so much more! But really– bodies that work, healthy food, and opportunities to work out are blessings that so many miss out on. 27 will be my year of gratefulness, then!


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