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My sister got me hooked on this site. My whole life I have adored before and after anything, but is it bad that I have to scroll down to make sure the picture I was about to admire is the after, and not the before? As if someone were watching over my shoulder ready to pounce if I mistakenly like the ugly thing we made over.

I just read a badly written post on the evils of pinterest. Pinterest undoubtedly has its evils (like sucking days off your life), but hey now– please don’t forget there are people out there like me who really need help on outfits or decorating or how to curl your hair from time to time. It’d be cool to have instincts to guide me on things like that, but we aren’t all so blessed. I will admit it any day: I am a shameless copycat and care way more about something being pretty than original. I just keep original friends around to copy.

That’s probably a leftover from high school and those terrifying days of being so far outside fashion that even vaguely imitating anything trendy was exhilarating. Bring it on, pinterest robot houses and outfits!


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March 7, 2012 · 10:03 pm